Osmium Portfoliotheorie
Činjenice o osmiju u optimizaciji portfelja

Činjenice o osmiju u optimizaciji portfelja

Crystalline osmium is the eighth, last, noblest, densest and rarest precious metal.
It has the highest value density of all non-radioactive elements.

Osmium basic facts:

  • Is part of the group of the eight precious metals.
  • The amount of osmium available in the earth's crust is probably 17 m³.
  • Globally degradable deposit lies between one and two cubic metres (22 tonnes to 44 tonnes).
  • The annual worldwide production is about one tonne. A maximum of 250 kg of this can be crystallised per year.
  • Only raw osmium, sintered osmium cubes and osmium fused beads are toxic materials due to the formation of osmium tetroxide and do not belong in private hands.
  • Crystallised osmium is not harmful to health and possesses the most outstanding properties of all precious metals.
  • It is used as a diversification by wealthy investors for portfolio optimisation and in the high-end jewellery industry.


  • Osmium is the densest of all stable elements and chemical compounds on earth.
  • Osmium is absolutely unforgeable on the basis of its scanned crystal structure.
  • Osmium has a compression modulus of 462 GPa, which is higher than that of diamonds.
  • Osmium has the highest abrasion resistance and is an excellent gamma ray protector.
  • It has an incomparable brilliance that outclasses even diamonds by far.

Milestones and development:

Osmium was discovered by Smithson Tennant in London in 1804. In its raw form, osmium is chemically reactive and classified as a hazardous substance. Therefore, the possession of raw osmium is mostly restricted to specialty chemical companies and its applications are limited.

In 2013, it became possible to crystallise raw osmium. Crystalline osmium is inert and completely harmless with the properties typical of a precious metal. Its characteristic silvery-blue lustre makes crystalline osmium ideal for high-quality jewellery and luxury accessories.

Since 2014, the Osmium Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH, based in Germany, has been preparing the global market launch to ensure the scalability and reliability of the Swiss-based crystallisation process and to establish governance for secure transactions.

Since 2017, affiliated Osmium Institutes have been established on five continents worldwide to facilitate local market implementation and manage certification.

Currently, there are already Osmium Institutes in over 25 countries. New countries are being added continuously. Crystalline osmium is still an "insider tip" for investors, but in the next few years it will be the eighth and last precious metal on everyone's lips.

Opportunities with osmium:

Osmium is seen in the market as an investment metal and jewellery metal. 97 per cent of osmium is in investor hands. The percentage in the jewellery market is small, but steadily increasing. There could be many more applications resulting from the special properties of osmium, but for each of these application options osmium is too rare and also too expensive.

In the long term, investors are therefore primarily betting that osmium will become increasingly difficult for jewellers to acquire due to its rarity. In the future, private and institutional investors will supply the jewellery market with crystalline osmium in the form of, for example, osmium bars, osmium diamonds and osmium stars. This will make osmium even rarer. It is to be expected that the osmium price will therefore primarily rise despite its fluctuations.

The use of osmium in jewellery mixed with metals such as gold, silver, platinum or titanium to create spectacular pieces of jewellery is also increasing. Since the jewellery remains in private hands, the osmium cannot be recovered from it. This has its reason in recycling, because osmium loses its crystal structure and thus its "fingerprint" in the form of its surface scan during further processing.

Authenticity of crystalline osmium:

Osmium is the absolutely unforgeable metal.

The crystal structure can be identified approximately 10,000 times more reliably than a fingerprint, even on a single square millimetre.

Osmium cannot be created with a core of another metal because the density of the other metal would be far below that of osmium.

Osmium can only be crystallised by one company in the world, which has developed the process over 40 years of research. It takes 160 processes to map this procedure. This means that crystallisation cannot be bypassed.

Where to buy crystalline osmium for portfolio optimisation?

Osmium can only be obtained throughout the world from certified osmium dealers who supply osmium exclusively with a certificate of authenticity issued by the "Osmium Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH" in Germany and linked to an eight-digit letter-number code for each piece. The code must be entered on the internet at www.osmium-identification-code.com in order to obtain the certificate or to confirm authenticity when buying privately. However, the osmium institutes are also happy to assist with buying, selling and proving authenticity.

Osmium as the eighth precious metal is physically delivered to investors in the form of medium edged bars or as a Disk and is not traded as a security or certificate.

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